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I work with primarily women who are ready to make a change in their lives.
Whether it’s clarity, stress management, creating new habit change or to lose some extra weight and get your overall health back in order- I’m your person!

Let’s go!

~ Tina Michele, Founder
    health & life coach


My one on one with Tina had a great impact on my life. She is a good listener, caring and encouraging. The best of me is up to me, but having a coach support you is so valuable. Tina is a great coach. She gave me a card with an affirmation “My habits determine my quality of life”. It is true! ~ Vanessa



On May 8th 2021 my journey with Tina Stocking as a health coach began.

Tina is professional, friendly, informed and a delightful health mentor.  She helped me over a 12 week period become focused and self-motivated to achieve a better balance of a daily, healthy routine.

We planned together the steps I personally need to take to achieve my health goals.  It was non-judgmental and so much fun that I looked forward with great anticipation to each of our sessions together.

Never once did Tina ask me what I weigh, but instead helped me plan my sleep, water intake, time it takes to eat, keeping a health diary, and forgiving myself for when I got off track.  It became a refreshing time getting healthier and heathier.  I ended up losing 20 pounds in 12 weeks.  I learned to listen to my own body’s signals about good nutrition and balance.

I recommend Tina as a health coach to anyone who needs acceptance, not judgment and a realistic approach to weight loss and healthy living.

Stephane Dopp


NOW ~ Launching my 90 Day Total Transformation Program.


About Me

Born in Chicago, Illinois relocated with family to beautiful Arizona to grow up and live a great life- 

I had a very short childhood. Oldest of 3, I started working with my father in his profession every weekend starting at 9. Being the eldest, I was always naturally the caregiver.. All around , to everyone that needed a shoulder to cry on or fight their battles. I was always there. In the meantime I secretly struggled with sexual and mental abuse. Therefore, I spent many years depressed and binge eating. (now 16) Moved to a new beautiful city ( Lake Havasu City) my senior year to save my parents marriage. 

Found the love and addiction in Exercise! I Placed 2nd in the state for mountain bike championship,  learned how to swim and placed 1st in my first Triathlon.  Started my own incredible career, met my husband. Life was great , right?? On the outside. 

Struggled with miscarriages and 5 years with envetro – after the 3rd time I gave up and froze the rest of the embryos. Wasn’t until my mom was murdered by her new husband, I was determined to become a mom… with a FORCE! 

Success! Two perfect beautiful fraternal twin girls. 

My babies are now 15, I’ve been married for 21 years. Co-owner of a restaurant & brewery. 

My 40’s brought a new mindset… ME !

Newest goal- to love myself. Starting reading, learning, following others that I looked up to and going back to school.

I started HCI in January of 2021 to get certified as a Life & Health Coach. Graduated in December.. Enrolled in the Mastery program 

So I can be the greatest version of myself and be more qualified for my clients. I am scheduled to graduate with Mastery in December of 2022!


That realization changed my life. 

Today is the first time I have ever shared all of the past junk with so many- but it’s for you. I would never ask anyone to be vulnerable if I couldn’t be myself.

If you want someone who will love, guide, and hold you accountable for the life YOU want to live, I am here for you.

I will be up leveling my coaching education with a Mastery Certification and graduating March 2023.
NOW ~ Launching my 90 Day Total Transformation Program.

Contact me to schedule your complementary Orientation.


Tina Michele